Arbitration · 30. September 2020
(i) Arbitration - Anti-arbitration injunction against a foreign seated arbitration - Power and jurisdiction - Under what circumstances can it be so granted? - Courts in India do have the power to grant anti-arbitration injunctions - However, this power is to be used sparingly and with abundant caution (Devi Resources Ltd. v. Ambo Exports Ltd., 13.02.2019 (Cal.)) - It is only under the circumstances enumerated in and exhaustively discussed in Modi Entertainment Network v. W.S.G. Cricket, (2003)...
Quote · 30. September 2020
“….that every judgment must be read as applicable to the particular facts proved, or assumed to be proved, since the generality of the expressions which may be found there are not intended to be expositions of the whole law, but governed and qualified by the particular facts of the case in which such expressions are to be found. The other is that a case is only an authority for what it actually decides….” L.C. Quinn v. Leathem, 1901 AC 495 wherein the House of Lords

Criminal · 29. September 2020
IPC, Section 375 - Criminal trial - Age – Benefit of doubt - Prosecutrix in her deposition dithered with regard to her age by first stating she was sixteen years on the date of occurrence and then corrected herself to state she was thirteen - Though she alleged that the appellant outraged her modesty at the point of a knife while she was on way to school, no name of the school has been disclosed either by the prosecutrix or her parents - If the prosecutrix was studying in a school there is no...
Criminal · 28. September 2020
Cr.P.C., Section 313 - Circumstances not put to an accused under Section 313 Cr.P.C. , cannot be used against him, and must be excluded from consideration

Civil · 26. September 2020
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Motor Vehicles Act · 24. September 2020
Driving licence - Expired - Swaran Singh, distinguished.

Covid · 23. September 2020
Bail - Covid 19 – Temporary release of prisoners - Suo Moto Writ Petition (Civil) No. 1/2020, 2020 SCeJ 1713
Negotiable Instruments Act · 22. September 2020
Court within whose jurisdiction the branch of the bank where the payee maintains the account is situated, will have jurisdiction to try the offence, if the cheque is delivered for collection through an account

Civil · 21. September 2020
Limitation and Covid91 in Suo Motu Writ Petition (Civil) No.3 of 2020
Civil · 21. September 2020
What would be the limitation where a free certified copy of order is to be provided by the court/tribunal

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