Sarfaesi S 26E
Priority of debt - Whether secured creditor or state taxes will get priority

S. 361 - IPC
Whether a consensual affair can be a defence against the charge of kidnapping a minor?

One sided agreement
Whether the terms of the Apartment Buyer's Agreement were one-sided, and the Apartment Buyers would not be bound by the same

Environment Law
Environmental rule of law – Role of judges - Role of courts

IBC - Notice
Notice issued through Advocate or by a person other than an Advocate – Authorisation - Affect of. #2021 SCeJ 068 (NCLAT) If the notice is returned unserved because of some reason other than that attributed to the party. #2021 SCeJ 065 (NCLAT) IBC, Section 8(1)

Hindu Marriage Act
Husband did not produce his Income Tax returns - Adverse Inference

MVA - Housemaker
Notional income - Guidelines - Homemaker

Contract Act
Cardinal principle of the law of contract that the offer and acceptance of an offer must be absolute

Notes on mutation

Bail – Setting aside of - Order granting bail by high court set aside

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