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Suit for Specific Performance – Agreement to Sell – Filed within limitation cannot be dismissed on the sole ground of delay or laches

Passport – Impounding of - Whether condition can be imposed by the Court regarding surrender of the passport

Jurisdiction of Civil Court

Second appeal can be dismissed without even formulating the substantial question of law

Transfer petition - If a court has no jurisdiction to try a lis, it is good for the party raising the issue of jurisdiction to seek the dismissal/return of the proceedings.

Challenge to a compromise decree by a third party

Sarfaesi S. 14 – Inability to take possession within time limit of within 30 days and for reasons to be recorded within 60 days, does not render the District Magistrate Functus Officio

Blacklisting puts a taint which attaches far beyond and may well spell the death knell of the organisation

Test Identification Parade (TIP) - Refusal to undergo - No specific provision which lends statutory authority to an identification parade

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