Criminal · 22. October 2020
Transfer power under section 406 of the Code is to be invoked sparingly
Civil · 20. October 2020
Mentioning of an incorrect provision of law
Civil · 20. October 2020
CPC Section 20 - Jurisdiction - Whether suit can be filed where branch office is situated
Criminal · 15. October 2020
Conviction based on sole witness
Civil · 14. October 2020
Vacation of order
Criminal · 12. October 2020
Evidentiary value of a related witness
Criminal · 10. October 2020
Lay down that under no circumstances copies of statements recorded under Section 164 of the Code can be furnished till appropriate orders are passed by the Court after taking cognizance in the matter.
Banking · 10. October 2020
Repossession of asset on account of default in payment of installments
Consumer Protection Act · 09. October 2020
Casts an obligation on the District Forum to decide a complaint on the basis of the evidence brought to its notice by the Complainant and the service provider
Consumer Protection Act · 09. October 2020
Punitive damages should, however, be granted only in exceptional circumstances

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