Education · 30. June 2020
“No child will be deprived of attending the schools and online classes” Covid19
Banking · 27. June 2020
Latest notes on Banking Law including IBC, Sarfaesi, Auction Purchaser, OTS

Negotiable Instruments Act · 26. June 2020
Compounding of offence without the consent of the complainant
Commercial · 26. June 2020
Negotiable Instruments Act, 1881 - Section 142 . Partnership - Sole proprietary concern - Association of individuals. Explained.

Criminal · 25. June 2020
Notes on Criminal Trial on various headings
Criminal · 24. June 2020
Whether before admitting the revision it is necessary first to direct the accused to surrender himself

Insurance · 24. June 2020
Claimant need not plead or establish that the death in respect of which the claim was made, was due to any negligence or default of the owner of the vehicle or of any other person
22. June 2020
The latest reports of the Punjab Law Reporter, Supreme Court e@Journal, and all that what is important. Subscribe: Free Download during Lockdown :

Criminal · 21. June 2020
Default bail - Lockdown – Covid – Supreme court order extending limitation - Effect.
Courts · 21. June 2020
Coordinate Bench cannot take a contrary view and can only can refer the matter for consideration by a Larger Bench - Judicial discipline ordains so.....

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