Circumstantial Evidence
CIRCUMSTANTIAL EVIDENCE Circumstantial evidence, the settled principles of law are that the circumstances from which the conclusion of guilt is to be drawn should be fully proved and such circumstances should be conclusive in nature and moreover the circumstances should be complete and there should be no gap left in the chain of events. However, the circumstances must be consistent only with the hypothesis of the guilt of the accused and inconsistent with the innocence.

Civil and Criminal proceedings
Civil and Criminal proceedings can go on side by side

ACQUITTAL "Possible view" CrPC Section 378

Conflict of “Two Tier” Confidential Clubs in view of Principle of Natural Justice and Fair Play

Sarfaesi S 26E
Priority of debt - Whether secured creditor or state taxes will get priority

S. 361 - IPC
Whether a consensual affair can be a defence against the charge of kidnapping a minor?

One sided agreement
Whether the terms of the Apartment Buyer's Agreement were one-sided, and the Apartment Buyers would not be bound by the same

Environment Law
Environmental rule of law – Role of judges - Role of courts

IBC - Notice
Notice issued through Advocate or by a person other than an Advocate – Authorisation - Affect of. #2021 SCeJ 068 (NCLAT) If the notice is returned unserved because of some reason other than that attributed to the party. #2021 SCeJ 065 (NCLAT) IBC, Section 8(1)

Hindu Marriage Act
Husband did not produce his Income Tax returns - Adverse Inference

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