Judge and Lawyer - If the Judge is expected to do his job so is the lawyer expected to assist the Court to the best of his ability - There is a presumption in l


Issues - That the Court in appeal did not record findings issue-wise, in absence of any prejudice having been shown to be caused to the appellants for failure of the appellate court to do so, the same cannot be a ground to set aside the consistent findings recorded by the courts below. (183) P.L.R

Ratio Decidendi

JudgeJJudgement - Ratio decidendi - Random sentences have been picked up from the judgment and used, without any attempt to understand the true purport of the judgment in its entirety - It is a well settled position of law that a word or sentence cannot be picked up from a judgment to construe that it is the ratio decidendi on the relevant aspect of the case - It is also a well settled position of law that a judgment cannot be read as a statute and interpreted and applied to fact situations. (181) P.L.R.  (S.C.), (2016)3 P.L.R. SC 57


Interpretation of statutes

Interpretation of statutes - The law is well settled that when the wordings of the Stature are clear, no interpretation is required unless there is a requirement of saving the provisions from vice of unconstitutionality or absurdity. (2016)3 P.L.R. SC 520

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