Transfer Petition



Transfer  petition  -  Suffice  it  to  say that if a court has no jurisdiction to try a lis, it is good  for the party  raising  the issue   of   jurisdiction   to   seek   the   dismissal/return  of  the  proceedings,  rather than seeking a  transfer. #2020 SCeJ 1971  



Transfer  petition  –  Petitioner is registered as a Society under the Societies  Registration  Act  and  having  its  Registered Office in New Delhi - Respondent  is  a   Society  registered  under  The  Travancore-Cochin  Literary,  Scientific  and  Charitable Societies Registration Act, 1955 - Dispute  relates to  elections of  the respondent Society  registered  independently  under  a  different  State  enactment - The present dispute relates to the election  of  office  bearers  to  the  respondent Society and not the election of office bearers  of  the  petitioner  Association  - Therefore,   the   respondent   can   validly contend  that  any  attempt  by  the  petitioner  to  interfere  with  the  internal  affairs of the 1st respondent is amenable to the jurisdiction  of  the Kerala  High  Court. #2020 SCeJ 1971 

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