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1.             (SC) Adverse Possession

2.             (SC) Fraud

3.             (SC) Mutation of a land in the revenue records does not create or extinguish the title

4.             (SCeJ) Mutation - Does not create or extinguish title nor has it any presumptive value on title

5.             Bank - Mortgage by deposit of title deeds - Mutation

6.             Civil Court -Revenue Court would be bound by the judgment of the Civil Court to correct the revenue record

7.             Civil Courts did not have the jurisdiction to decide the cases of mutation entries

8.             Decree and Mutation

9.             Evidence Act, Section 35 and Mutation - Entries made in the mutation or the facts mentioned in the order sanctioning the mutation are relevant

10.         Haryana Ceiling of Land Holdings Act, 1972 (26 of 1972)

11.         Illegal refusal to sanction

12.         Inheritance and Mutation

13.         Limitation

14.         Limitation

15.         Limitation Act, 1963 (36 of 1963) Article 65 - No period of limitation has been prescribed

16.         Mere wrong sanctioning of mutation in favour of the Government, does not make this land under the title of the State Government

17.         Mutation - Can be sanctioned on the basis of the registered sale deed even if possession has not been transferred

18.         Mutation - Cannot be kept in abeyance - Once the person is found to be in possession, the mutation has to be recorded in their name subject to the final outcome of the civil suit.

19.         Mutation - Cannot have precedence over the sale deeds

20.         Mutation - Cannot have precedence over the sale deeds

21.         Mutation - Civil Court decree is final between the parties and, therefore, the rights flowing therefrom, would not get vitiated merely because mutation has not been sanctioned

22.         Mutation - Inheritance never remains in abeyance

23.         Mutation - Merely because the mutation was not got sanctioned by her, cannot be a ground for holding that she was not the owner in possession

24.         Mutation - Neither creates nor extinguishes any title

25.         Mutation - Order passed by the authorities while deciding the mutation proceedings has no bearing on adjudication of claims qua inheritance by the civil court

26.         Mutation - Proceedings do not bear the signatures of the plaintiff

27.         Mutation - Revenue Officer while sanctioning mutation is discharging purely administrative functions

28.         Mutation - Revenue Officers - Has to prima facie proceed on the assumption that entries in the revenue record are correct

29.         Mutation entries when incorporated in jamabandies - Should be got changed through Civil Court.

30.         Mutation Is no proof of any transfer or disposition

31.         Mutation proceedings cannot be kept in abeyance during the pendency of the dispute before the Civil Court

32.         Mutation upheld by the civil court

33.         Mutation was null and void

34.         Possession and Mutation

35.         Rejection - Revenue authorities were fully justified in rejecting the mutation

36.         Sale Deed and Mutation

37.         Suit for declaration - Cause of action to claim declaration - Mutation

38.         Will

39.         Will - Entry of a mutation on the basis of a will, would not prove that a will was actually executed and duly proved.

 40.         Will - Intricate questions regarding validity of the Will and as to whether property was ancestral, in hands of the deceased, are not to be gone into by the revenue officials

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