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Whether the terms of the Apartment Buyer's Agreement were one-sided, and the Apartment Buyers would not be bound by the same
Evidence Act, 1872 (1 of 1872), Section 92 (proviso 6), 95 - Only in cases where the terms of the document leave the question in doubt, then resort could be had to the proviso Sixth of Section 92 - But when a document is a straightforward one and presents no difficulty in construing it, the proviso does not apply ...

Contractual interpretation - Unlike a statutory interpretation, which is even more difficult due to assimilation of individual intention of law makers, contractual interpretation depends on the intentions expressed by the parties and dredging out the true meaning is an 'iterative process' for the Courts .....
Contract Act
Cardinal principle of the law of contract that the offer and acceptance of an offer must be absolute

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