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S. 361 - IPC
Whether a consensual affair can be a defence against the charge of kidnapping a minor?
Cr.P.C., Section 313 - Circumstances not put to an accused under Section 313 Cr.P.C. , cannot be used against him, and must be excluded from consideration

IPC, Section 302 - Whether in a case of single injury Section 302 IPC would not be attracted
Presence of eye witnesses - In a case where the eye-witnesses are available, the motive becomes insignificant –

Offence of forged Debit Notes produced in court
(Supreme Court) Charge of Criminal Intimidation - Proving the intention of the appellant to cause alarm or compel doing/abstaining from some act, and not mere utterances of words

Bail - Petitioner a member of the group where the objectionable video was circulated.

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