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Civil and Criminal proceedings
Civil and Criminal proceedings can go on side by side
ACQUITTAL "Possible view" CrPC Section 378

Test Identification Parade (TIP) - Refusal to undergo - No specific provision which lends statutory authority to an identification parade
Cr.P.C., Section 313 - Circumstances not put to an accused under Section 313 Cr.P.C. , cannot be used against him, and must be excluded from consideration

Offence of forged Debit Notes produced in court
There is no provision for appeal by the victim for questioning the order of sentence as inadequate

Bail - There is a difference between grant of bail under S. 439 of CrPC in case of pre-trial arrest and suspension of sentence under S. 389 of the CrPC and grant of bail, post conviction
Bail – Nowhere is it the law that an accused, yet to be tried, is to be kept in custody only on a hunch or a presumption that he will prejudice or impede trial; or to send any message to the society

(Bom.) Whether for suspension of sentence, in revision, the accused needs to surrender
(Bom) Appeal against acquittal by victim - No period of limitation has been prescribed

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