Started in 1900

Lala Dharam Dass Suri

  Lala Dharam Dass Suri, Vakil, Lahore High Court,  was a senior member  of the  Indian National Congress was arrested on several occasions during the Indian freedom movement. Two generations of Chief Editors (followed by his son Anand Mohan Suri) participated in the Quit India movement.  Yet their desire to serve the legal fraternity through the Punjab Law Reporter did not falter. In 1945 the journal was run by a committee constituted by the  Lahore High Court to return to the original board in 1947. From 1947 to 1951 the same continued to be published from Simla.  


 Their vision is still the beacon for the  generations of judges and lawyers who have benefited from the reports printed in the journal, making it the most referred journal.

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