Rules under Punjab Regional and Town Planning and Development Act, 1995 - Applicable

Punajb Government, Department of Housing and Urban Development (Housing-I Branch) Notification, No. 1/149/96-4HG-1/550 dated the 20th January, 2005 No. 1/149/96-4HG-1/550. -

In pursuance to the provisions of Rule 1(3)(iv) of the Punjab Urban Planning and Development Authority (Building) Rules, 1996, the statutory rules framed under the Punjab Regional and Town Planning and Development Act, 1995 (Punjab Act No. 11 of 1995), the Governor of Punjab is pleased to direct that the aforesaid Rules shall also apply to all areas in the State of Punjab Municipal Corporation Act, 1976 (Punjab Act No. 42 of 1976) or any Municipal Council or Nagar Panchayat constituted under the Punjab Municipal Act, 1911 (Punjab Act No. 3 of 1911) or the local limits of the jurisdiction of the Cantonment Board, constituted under the Cantonments Board Act, 1924 (Central Act No. 2 of 2924).

2. The Governor of Punjab is further pleased to direct that this Notification shall apply only to buildings proposed to come up on a plot of an area exceeding 500 square metres, unless any part of the plot in question is to secure atleast one means of access from any "Scheduled Road", within the meaning of the aforesaid Act No. 11 of 1995, in which case this Notification shall apply irrespective of the area of the plot.

3. Nothing in this Notification shall apply to any "factory" within the meaning of the Factories Act, 1948 (Central Act No. LXIII of 2948), provided its plan has been sanctioned under the said Act of 1948.

4. This Notification shall come into force with immediate effect. 

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