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Insolvency & Banking Code - Initiating Corporate Insolvency against Guarantors without involving the Principal Borrower




Article deals with Whether the Corporate Insolvency Process can be initiated against a Corporate Guarantor without initiating process against the Principal Borrower who is neither a ‘Corporate Debtor’ nor ‘Corporate Person’. The NCLATs view on whether the Corporate Insolvency Resolution Process can be initiated against two ‘Corporate Guarantors’ simultaneously for the same set of debt and default has also been addressed.


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An anti-suit injunction is a judicial order restraining one party from prosecuting a case in another court outside its jurisdiction. The principles governing grant of injunction are common to that of granting anti-suit injunction.


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Kriti Sharma and Sandeep Suri, Advocates

CD containing Telephonic recording can not be proved by secondary evidence unless requirement of Section 65-B(4) of Evidence  Act is satisfied


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Er. sandeep Suri and Rohit Suri, Advocates

Guarantor under Insolvency And Bankruptcy Code, 2016

Commercial Courts : Mandatory Pre-Institution Mediation

SARFAESI -  Effect of loan transfer .

When the word “may’ shall mean “shall”?

Law discussed.



starts from Me !

an article on the trail we leave on the net......



Ex-parte interim orders  - In financial matters can have a deleterious effect - Supreme Court



Securitization and Reconstruction of Financial Assets and Enforcement of Security Interest Act, 2002 (54 of 2002), Section 14


Powers of a District Magistrate 

Would a Cyber Attack be construed as a Force majeure? 



  • RBI’s FAQ on RTI queries

              Subros  and Associates

Whether insurance companies can withhold payment unless full and final discharge is not given ?

Cyber attacks -Prevention


An article covering how to avoid being the target of a cyber attack



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