Bail - Setting Aside of

Bail – Setting aside of  - Order granting bail by high court set aside - It is a well settled principle of law that the setting aside of an "unjustified, illegal or perverse order" granting bail is distinct from the cancellation of bail on the ground of the supervening misconduct of the accused or because some new facts have emerged, requiring cancellation -  The correctness of an order granting bail is subject to assessment by an appellate or superior court and it may be set aside on the ground that the Court granting bail did not consider material facts or crucial circumstances - In Puran vs. Ramvilas, (2001) 6 SCC 338 this Court has held that where an order granting bail ignores material on record or if a perverse order granting bail is passed in a heinous crime without furnishing reasons, the interests of justice may require that the order be set aside and bail be cancelled -  The recording of no reasons is one end of the spectrum -  The other end of the domain for interference with an order granting anticipatory bail (into which the present case settles) is where the reasons are contrary to the material on record and hence found to suffer from perversity. #2020 SCeJ 2201

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