Civil · 20. October 2020
Mentioning of an incorrect provision of law
Civil · 20. October 2020
CPC Section 20 - Jurisdiction - Whether suit can be filed where branch office is situated
Civil · 14. October 2020
Vacation of order
Civil · 26. September 2020
Listen to The Law Diaries! - Podcast
Civil · 21. September 2020
Limitation and Covid91 in Suo Motu Writ Petition (Civil) No.3 of 2020
Civil · 21. September 2020
What would be the limitation where a free certified copy of order is to be provided by the court/tribunal
Civil · 18. September 2020
Penalty - purpose of penalty generally is a deterrence and not retribution. The discretion is to be exercised not on whims or fancies .
Civil · 16. September 2020
SUPREME COURT e@JOURNAL-2020 FREE SUBSCRIPTION FOR YOUNG LAWYERS REGISTERED AFTER 01.01.2012 UNDER THE AEGIS OF BAR COUNCIL (PH): Lawyers from anywhere in India can take the benefit. Please share with your friends / colleagues / juniors who could take benefit of this package.
Civil · 12. September 2020
A person who issues a legal notice on in 1996 claiming readiness and willingness, but who institutes a suit only in 1999 , not entitled to relief
Civil · 03. September 2020
Adverse possession - Whether simultaneously a plea can be be taken of title and adverse possession ?

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