Admission made in an affidavit filed in another proceedings shall not be considered as a pleading but a document while ascertaining admission in a subsequent proceeding
distinction between ‘retirement of a partner’ and ‘dissolution of a partnership firm’

Period of limitation for an application seeking initiation of CIRP under Section 7 of the Code
Limitation Act . Part payment received after period of limitation.

Negotiable Instruments Act, 1881 - Section 142 . Partnership - Sole proprietary concern - Association of individuals. Explained.
IBC proceedings cannot be initiated based on time barred claims. Regardless of when IBC came into force, if more than three years had elapsed from the date of default, a creditor is not entitled to maintain an Application under the Code.

Civil Suit filed after receipt of demand notice - Will not be a dispute as defined in Section 5(6) of Code . NCLAT

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