Passport – Impounding of - Whether condition can be imposed by the Court regarding surrender of the passport

Test Identification Parade (TIP) - Refusal to undergo - No specific provision which lends statutory authority to an identification parade

Cr.P.C. Section 167(2) – Imposition of condition while releasing the appellant on default bail/statutory bail

Transfer power under section 406 of the Code is to be invoked sparingly

Conviction based on sole witness

Evidentiary value of a related witness

Lay down that under no circumstances copies of statements recorded under Section 164 of the Code can be furnished till appropriate orders are passed by the Court after taking cognizance in the matter.

IPC, Section 375 - Criminal trial - Age – Benefit of doubt - Prosecutrix in her deposition dithered with regard to her age by first stating she was sixteen years on the date of occurrence and then corrected herself to state she was thirteen - Though she alleged that the appellant outraged her modesty at the point of a knife while she was on way to school, no name of the school has been disclosed either by the prosecutrix or her parents - If the prosecutrix was studying in a school there is no...

Cr.P.C., Section 313 - Circumstances not put to an accused under Section 313 Cr.P.C. , cannot be used against him, and must be excluded from consideration

When the issue as to the genuineness of the receipts is pending consideration in the civil suit, the FIR ought not to have been allowed to continue as it would prejudice the interest of the parties and the stand taken by them in the civil suit.

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