• ACR  -  invoked his administrative remedy within the time prescribed - However, no decision was taken on the representation - Subsequently, the petitioner was acquitted of the criminal charges  .  again approached the respondents with a reminder representation for a decision on his case against the recording of adverse ACRs including remarks of integrity doubtful - This representation has been treated as a second representation and, therefore, the instructions of the DGP, Haryana has been used against him to hold that no second representation lies against adverse remarks - When the first representation was not decided, the question of second representation does not arise - The second representation would only mean the one filed after the first one has been rejected. (174) PLR
  •         ACR - Petitioner has crossed the age of 55 years on 7.08.2009 and for all intents and purposes, his entry of `doubtful integrity' in the ACR for the year 1999-2000 had to be taken into consideration as per the instruction - Embezzlement reports and recovery orders would be sufficient material to enable the respondents to come to a conclusion that he was a deadwood and there was no need to retain him service after crossing the age of 55 years - An order of compulsory retirement is not a punishment and does not imply  stigma. (183) PLR
  •         ACR - Uncommunicated ACRs - PGIMER Chandigarh - Modified assured career progression scheme - All the ACRs of an employee are to be taken into consideration before grant of Financial upgradation to him - Though the ACRs of the petitioner were good, but the Screening Committee did not find his case fit for grant of 1st Financial  upgradation - Uncommunicated ACRs could be taken into consideration. (177) PLR 

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