• Admission - Suit for specific performance - A mere argument that the plaintiff did not file reply denying an agreement propounded by the defendants in their written statement cannot be taken as constituting any admission by the plaintiff that such an earlier agreement in favour of the defendant existed - Indeed the defendants ought to have pressed for an issue to be framed if they were serious about such a defence. 
  • Admission - Written statement - Every allegation of fact in the plaint, if not denied, specifically, or by any necessary implication, shall be deemed, to be admitted fact - However, the Court, may in its discretion, require any fact so admitted to be proved otherwise, than by such admission. (178) P.L.R. 
  • Admission to the Course ICAR – Respondent Institute had one more resultant vacancy after 3rd counselling – That it was incumbent upon the Institute to have informed all the waiting list candidates personally about the fact that vacancy has arisen and by merely posting it on the web site would not be adequate notice – It is clearly mentioned in the brochure that there will be no separate correspondence with any wait-listed candidates and this was put on the web site and was applicable to all. (2018-1) PUNJAB LAW REPORTER 


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