Anganwari Worker

  • Anganwadi Worker - She had been granted permission to file nominations for contesting elections - She was called upon to retain any of the two posts either of an Anganwadi Worker or as a Member of the Block Samiti - As the petitioner had not opted for resigning from the post of a Member Block Samiti, her services were terminated - Order upheld. (174) P.L.R. 
  • Anganwari Workers – Rejection of the petitioners' candidature at the threshold itself, after first considering her application in terms of the directions given by this court in the writ petition, is that she has become overage, with the maximum age limit for an applicant for the post of a Mini Anganwari stipulated as 44 years in the advertisement issued – In the case of those Bachpanshalas as were converted into Anganwari Centres, (without any selection process), the Coordinators and Helpers were taken on as Anganwari workers and Helpers without any fresh advertisement, even granting them relaxation of age by 16  years – Petitioner being even today stated to be only 50 years of age - This petition is disposed of with a direction that the petitioners' application for the post in question in the Mini Anganwari Centre, shall not be rejected on the ground of her being over age, with a similar relaxation to be given to her as has been given to those Coordinators appointed as Anganwari workers who were earlier working in Bachpanshalas.  (2018-1) PUNJAB LAW REPORTER

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