• Arms Licence - Issuance of - When a citizen approaches the competent authority, while raising his grievance, the competent authority is duty bound to look into the grievance of the citizen and redress the same, by passing an appropriate order at an early date, so as to make the citizen aware about the result of his representation or legal notice - Even this has not been done in the present case - Petitioner had to approach District Magistrate under the Right to Information Act and only thereafter, he was informed vide a communication. (173) P.L.R.
  •         Arms Licence - Issuance of impugned communication - There was a written proforma, wherein only the exercise of fill in the blanks was done - Serial number, date of the communication and name of the petitioner were inserted - It shows total non application of mind - Such a non-speaking communication issued - Cannot be sustained. (173) P.L.R. 

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