Army Regulation, Regulation 592  - Medical Board proceedings are to be retained for 25 years after an individual becomes non-effective in terms of para 525 of the Regulations - However, Regimental Long Roll is one of the documents, which is required to be preserved - Para 613 pertains to the entries in the Long Rolls - Column (xvi) is in respect of date and cause of becoming non-effective with the authority. (176) P.L.R.


        Army Regulation, Regulation 592 - Invalidated from service on 05.08.1993 on account of disability `Grandmal Epilepsy' after the Medical Board in its  meeting - Report does not state that the same could not be detected at the time of  enrollment - Order declining the claim of the petitioner in respect of disability pension is not sustainable in law. (176) P.L.R. 

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