• Auction - Registration number of vehicle - Special number purchased - Put to re-auction - Present one is a case wherein the doctrine of reasonable expectation is clearly attracted - After the highest bid was accepted and he was asked to deposit the remaining amount, petitioner proceeded on reasonable expectation withdrawing the amount deposited by him for the remaining special numbers - Petitioner was fully justified to expect from the respondent-authorities that now they will allow him to deposit the remaining  amount - Special number which was purchased by him being the highest bidder - Under such circumstances action of the respondents in cancelling the same cannot be sustained. (173) P.L.R.

  • Auction - Sale - The sale of the jeep in question was not confirmed by the learned Executing Court and before that the decretal amount has been paid by the Judgment Debtor to the Decree Holder - The rights of the petitioner has been taken care of by the learned Executing Court as the entire auction amount has been ordered to be returned to the auction purchaser. (183) P.L.R.


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