• Bar Associations (Constitution and Registration) Rules, 2015 - Though in two petitions there was a specific challenge to the Rules, but during the course of hearing when these Rules were examined and discussed in detail and the purpose and objective of their formulation was highlighted, the challenge to the Rules was given up - A consensus was arrived at between the counsel for the parties - The Rules be enforced - Clause (e) of Rule 11 which ousts the jurisdiction of the Civil Court to entertain any dispute with regard to election of the Bar Association, would be deleted by the Bar Council.  (180) P.L.R.
  • Bar Council of India Rules, 1975  - Advocate  Duty of - It is the solemn duty of an advocate not to transgress the authority conferred him by the client - It is always better to seek appropriate instructions from the client or his authorized agent before making any concession which may, directly or remotely, affect the rightful legal right of the client - The advocate represents the client before the Court and conducts proceedings on behalf of the client. He is the only link between the Court and the client - Therefore his responsibility is onerous - He is expected to follow the instructions of his client rather than substitute his judgment. (2016)3 P.L.R.SC 654
  • Bar Council of India Rules, 1975 - `Code of Ethics' prescribed by the Bar Council of India, in recognition of the evolution in professional and ethical standards within the legal community, provides for certain rules which contain canons of conduct and etiquette which ought to serve as general guide to the practice and profession - Advocate under the Code expressly includes a group of advocates and a law firm whose partner or associate acts for the client. (S.C.)(180) P.L.R.
  • Bar Council of India Rules, 1975 - Advocate - An advocate under the Code expressly includes a group of advocates and a law firm whose partner or associate acts for the client. (2016)3 P.L.R.SC 654
  • Bar Council Rules, 1975, Rule 9 - It is an admitted case that the Bar Association is not registered with the Bar Council - Provisions under Rule 9 of the State Bar Council Rules does not state anywhere that any other rules which are not in conformity with the rule provided therein will have to be read down or would be invalid - The provision in the bye-laws of a Bar Association cannot be whittled down by implication - There has to be a specific rule in the Bar Council Rules themselves, if they were to operate that any bye-law prescribing for qualification by any Bar Association will be invalid for inconsistency with the Bar Council Rules. (177) P.L.R.

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