• Bonafide Purchaser - Initially plaintiff-appellant claimed to have purchased the suit property from the legal heir of the original allottee of the suit land - Allotment in the name of original allottee was found to be bogus and the same was cancelled by the competent  authority - Rehabilitation Department - Since legal heirs were not the true owners, they could not have passed a better title in favour of the plaintiff-appellant. (176) P.L.R.
  • Bonafide Purchaser - Land was owned by State of Haryana - The vendors of the plaintiffs filed a suit against the State of Haryana, which was ex parte decreed - Which was later set aside - No cogent evidence has been produced by the plaintiffs to show that they have made inquiries from the Patwari or from the villagers or from the Sarpanch etc. or the owners of the neighbouring land, which means that no reasonable inquiry has been made before purchasing the land and litigation was already going on as proceedings at that time were pending for setting aside the ex parte decree - All these facts show that the plaintiffs/appellants are not bona fide purchaser. (179) P.L.R. 


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