• Central Ground Water Board Staff Car Driver (Group `C' Posts) Recruitment Rules, 2010 - Petitioners have been appointed to the post of Driver (OG) on different dates in the years 2005, 2006 and 2007 - Petitioners No.1 to 4 have been appointed as Driver (OG) on dates - Process for recruitment to the post of Driver (Grade-II) was initiated in May, 2011 - The last date of submissions of the applications was 30.06.2011 but by that time, the petitioners were not eligible for promotion to the post of Driver (Grade-II) even as per the old Rules - Were not eligible as they were not having 8 years regular service for promotion to the post of Driver (Grade-II) - They have pleaded that the benefit of promotion should be granted to them by giving relaxation in the requisite qualifying service - But the petitioners cannot claim the relaxation as a matter of right - Central Ground Water Board Driver (Group `C') Posts Recruitment Rules, 2000.   (182) P.L.R

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