• Chandigarh (Allotment, Management and Sale of Tenements) Regulations 1979, Regulation 10, 44 - Admittedly the originally allottee - The hirer has paid all the outstanding amount either by himself or by his account by the petitioner - Therefore, the hirer has become owner of the property in terms of Regulation 44 of the Regulations reproduced above - Once the hirer has become owner of the property, the hirer is competent to alienate the same in terms of Regulation 10 of the Regulations - Though the documents of transfer were executed within the lock-in period, but the fact remains that subsequent to such execution of the documents lock-in period has come to an end and also the hirer has become owner of the property - Regulation 10 empowers the Administrator to permit the transfer even within the lock-in period.  (178) P.L.R. 

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