• Character/enlistment certificate  Petitioner applied for Character/enlistment certificate in her favour, which it appears is one of the requirements prescribed for registration as a contractor - District Magistrate declined  to issue the character certificate to the appellant on the solitary ground that her husband was involved in four criminal cases during the past- District Magistrate again rejected the prayer for the issuance of a character certificate on the ground that the appellant did not have any knowledge of contract works which works were being got executed by her through her son and other persons  There is no dispute that the appellant is not involved in any criminal case or activity of any objectionable kind -  District Magistrate should have simply certified her character because that was the only question which the former was called upon to examine while dealing with the request made by the appellant - The District Magistrate, however, appears to have been swayed by considerations wholly extraneous to the question whether the appellant had a good moral character  Second time, the certificate was denied on the ground that she had no experience in getting the contract works executed -  We have not been able to appreciate as to how the District Magistrate could have brought in the question of the appellants capability as a contractor or her experience in executing works to bear upon her good moral character -  Even when the appellant may have had no experience in getting government works executed she could still claim that she bore a good moral character. (2016)3 P.L.R.SC 715

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