• Civil Services Rules, Volume II, Rule 4(2) - Pensionary benefits - Assistant District Attorney - Plaintiff is entitled to extra weightage for calculation of pension on account of special qualification of L.L.B acquired by him and the experience as an practicing Advocate which was essential for appointment as Assistant District Attorney - The actual period by which the age of the appellant exceeded 25 years on the date of his appointment comes to 8 years 9 months and 4 days - Both these periods are more than five years - The maximum benefit which could be given under this rule is 5 years - So the appellant will be entitled for addition of 5 years service to his qualifying service for superannuation pension (but not for any other class of pension)(173) P.L.R. 66
  • Civil Services Rules - Would reveal that it is no where mentioned that the State cannot file a suit for recovery of the said amount, however, the only bar, as is evident from the relevant provisions is that the amount cannot be recovered from the pension of an employee - Thus, there is no bar under the CSR from filing the suit for recovery against the employee beyond the period of four years. (178) P.L.R. 


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