4th January, 2019.

  • Contempt of court - The contempt jurisdiction cannot be invoked on the basis of impressions, when the order of the Court does not contain any direction for reinstatement or for grant of regular pay scale -  The contempt would be made out when there is wilful disobedience to the orders of this Court – Held, since the Order of this Court is not of reinstatement, the petitioners under the garb of the contempt petition cannot seek reinstatement, when nothing was granted by this Court.2019 SCeJ 51
  • Contempt  - We are conscious of the fact that three persons are under confinement for the last fifteen months - This court was virtually compelled to do so, going by the stubborn attitude of the contemnors in taking the orders for granted, as if those orders were only on papers and were not meant to be complied with -  It is only when the Court felt that unless some drastic action is taken there will be no desired effect, that this extreme step was taken - However, this step was taken in good faith to uphold the rule of law and to ensure that dignity of this Court is maintained and there is faithful compliance with its directions - Rule of law -  Sahara Case. (2016)3 PLRSC 752

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