1. Constitution of India, Art.  16(3) - Punjab Subordinate Agricultural Service Rules, 1933, Rule 6(2)(a) - Condition imposed by the official respondents to deny employment to the petitioners on the ground that they are not domicile of the State of Punjab is held to be illegal.  (175) PLR
  2.         Constitution of India, Art.  16(4), 341 - Petitioner is originally a member of the Scheduled Caste category by birth - Either she or her forefathers freely converted to Christianity forsaking their roots by embracing the Christian religion -  By this act, they lost their status as Scheduled Caste but were saved to still fall within the reservation concessions accorded by the State under Article 16 (4) of the Constitution by special inclusion in the list of Backward Classes/Other Backward Classes falling in the reserved class category - She implores the Court that she should be allowed by a direction to the respondents to compete in the Backward Class category - If she failed to apply in the BC category (Christian) she took her chances till her result - No relief can be granted. (182) PLR
  3.         Constitution of India, Art.  16(4) - Punjab Civil Service (Judicial Branch) Rules, 1951 - Argument - That the the candidates belonging to the reserved category cannot be treated at par with the general category candidates - Do  not find any merit in the said argument that the Scheduled Castes or the Backward Classes candidates cannot be treated at par with the General Category candidates inter-alia for the reason that the sub-committee has considered the condition of 50% marks even in respect of Backward Class candidates - Article 16(4) of the Constitution provides for reservation for the candidates belonging to the Scheduled Castes category, but to what extent, the percentage of marks are required to be obtained by such candidates in order to maintain efficiency in the service, lies within the domain of the competent authorities. (175) PLR 


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