1.         Constitution of India, Art. 229, Clause 2 - Decision of the Chief Justice with respect to the service conditions of the establishment of the High Court is final and enjoys constitutional primacy being the Cadre Controlling Authority of the staff on the strength of this Court - The decisions of the Chief Justice when taken under Article 229 of the Constitution of India have supremacy over the decisions of the State Government on the same subject matter as he is entitled to lay down the terms and conditions of service of employees working under his control. (178) PLR
  2.         Constitution of india, Art. 229(2) - punjab and haryana high court - power and authority of chief justice of high court to prescribe pay scales of employees - book binder - it is not appropriate for the state government to exercise control over subjects provided under article 229(2) of the constitution and the state government may not refuse approval which has been accorded by the chief justice - refusal of approval by the government is not sustainable in view of the absolute control that has been vested in the chief justice of the high court over his staff and servants which is free from interference by the government, subject to limitations imposed by the law itself.  (182) PLR


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