1.         Constitution of India, Art. 300-A - Gratuity - Is not a bounty - It is a right to property protected by Article 300-A of the Constitution of India payable to its rightful owner - The right accrues on attaining the age of retirement and is not a recurring right unlike pension is - If the right to gratuity has matured on the event of superannuation, the same has to be paid without demur even if a departmental inquiry is pending against the retiree where a charge sheet has been issued while he was in service - A culpable wrong committed on the petitioner withholding gratuity without an order in writing and for too long and therefore, in the admitted situation, the petitioner would be entitled to the highest rate of interest - Awarded 18% interest per annum. (182) PLR
  2.         Constitution of India, Art. 300-A - Pension is not a bounty - It is a right in property constitutionally protected by Article 300-A of the Constitution. (182) PLR


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