1.         Constitution of India, Art. 311 - Domestic enquiry - Sufficiency of Proof - State Transport undertaking - If logically probative material indicates sufficient evidence to prove that fares were collected but the tickets were not issued, the same would be sufficient for returning a finding of guilt against the delinquent employee - Even hear-say credible evidence is permissible and can be relied upon. (180) PLR
  2.         Constitution of India, Art. 311(2) - Needless to state that Article 311(2) of the Constitution of India provides potent protection to public servants - These provisions need to be followed. (174) PLR
  3.         Constitution of India, Art. 311(2)(f) - Reasons assigned for dispensing with the usual departmental inquiry for the charges against the writ petitioner is that the writ petitioner was likely to threaten, coerce or induce the witnesses to resile from their original version in the criminal case and they might also avoid or refuse to depose in the departmental inquiry or in the Court proceedings - In criminal case police official who figured as star witness had not resiled from the original stand of the prosecution - Well settled proposition of law that the satisfaction arrived at by the appointing Authority shall be based on certain objective facts, but certainly not on the basis of the whims and fancies of the appointing Authority - The decision to dispense with the inquiry which is the norm to award the graver punishment cannot rest solely on the ipsi dixit of the appointing authority - Concrete materials should be available before the appointing authority for taking a decisions.  (180) PLR 


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