• Civil Procedure Code, 1908 (V of 1908) S. 152 - Interest - The grant and non-grant of interest was not a clerical or arithmetical mistake - Haryana Agriculture Credit Operation and Miscellaneous Provisions (Banks) Act, 1973 (34 of 1973). (176) P.L.R.
  • Civil Procedure Code, 1908 (V of 1908) S. 152 - There is no doubt that power is granted to correct its error from any accidental slip or omission in the judgments, decrees or orders either of its own motion or on the application of the parties concerned, but those are only clerical or arithmetical mistakes or any error of omission also, but once the judgment is passed on merit by the Court, it is not accidental slip or clerical mistake, which could only be corrected by way of appeal. (177) P.L.R. 

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