• Civil Procedure Code, 1908 (V of 1908) S.  24 - Transfer of case - Assuming that no case could have been transferred without such notice, the plaintiffs have availed to themselves the opportunity before me to complain that the case ought not to be transferred - From the year 2008 to 2015 we have let go another precious 7 years to be wasted - I cannot even believe therefore that the same Presiding Officer who had passed the order on 14.02.2008 is present in that Division - If the case was ordered to be transferred to yet another Judge, by sheer change of circumstances and length of time, there must be another Judge to hear the case - The District Judge and if he exercise that power and directs a transfer to be made, the matter must rest there. (180) P.L.R.
  • Civil Procedure Code, 1908 (V of 1908) S.  24 - Transfer of proceedings - Merely because the earlier litigation has been decided against the petitioner, the bias in his mind is arising against the Presiding Officer - The judicial Officer is only discharging her functions - Merely because a decision has come against the petitioner, is not a ground that the said Officer shall decide again against the petitioner. (178) P.L.R.
  • Civil Procedure Code, 1908 (V of 1908) S.  24 - Transfer of the suit - District Judge is the appropriate authority to know the working reputation of a Judicial Officer - If the Presiding Officer before whom the suit of the parties is pending, had not been enjoying good judicial working reputation, then, in that event, he would have definitely ordered transfer of the suit pending before the present Presiding Officer, to some other Court - A view different than the one taken by the District Judge, cannot be taken by this Court.  (174) P.L.R. 


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