• Civil Procedure Code, 1908 (V of 1908) S.  88 - Petitioner are at liberty to apply under Section 88 CPC by instituting interpleader suit independently against all the claimants to identify as to whom rent is to be paid and by whom to be collected so that they do not fall in arrears of rent and thereby open to eviction - The petitioners have other alternative remedies available to them under the Haryana Rent laws as well to request the Rent Controller to accept deposit of admitted rent to save themselves from eviction on the ground of non-payment of or arrears of rent but they have no right to intermeddle in the suit to which they are not parties. Under the Haryana Rent Law, a landlord is a person authorized to collect rent and the definition of landlord is much wider and has to be understood differently from the concept of ownership - Haryana Urban (Control of Rent and Eviction) Act, 1973 (II of 1973). (176) P.L.R. 

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