Criminal Procedure Code, 1973 S. 319  Accused not named in FIR - It is well accepted in criminal jurisprudence that F.I.R. may not contain all the details of the occurrence or even the names of all the accused - It is not expected to be an encyclopedia even of facts already known - There are varieties of crimes and by their very nature, details of some crimes can be unfolded only by a detailed and expert investigation - This is more true in crimes involving conspiracy, economic offences or cases not founded on eye witness accounts - Case fixed for evidence and prosecution had already examined five witnesses  - On the basis of evidence of prosecution witnesses recorded in the course of trial, it was urged involvement of MS and  H had emerged and such materials were also available in the statement of concerned witnesses recorded under Section 161 of Criminal Procedure Code - The fact that Police chose not to send up a suspect to face trial does not affect power of the trial court under Section 319 of the Cr.P.C. to summon such a person on account of evidence recorded during trial. (2016)3 PLRSC 849