Cr.P.C. Section 432, 433  - Section 432, provides for the power to suspend or remit sentences and also to refuse the same - Section 433 (b) Cr.P.C. provides for commuting a sentence of imprisonment for life to 14 years -  Section 433¬A Cr.P.C. provides that remission or commutation shall not enable release of the convict from prison unless the person had served at least 14 years of imprisonment - It, therefore, fixes a minimum period before which remission could not be considered - Any rule that may provide to consider remission before 14 years would obviously be bad in view of the statutory provision contained in the Code - Rajasthan Prisons (Shortening of Sentences) Rules, 2006, Rule 8(2)(i) putting a fetter on consideration of cases till they earned a minimum of four years of remission after completing 14 years of actual imprisonment excluding remission, not contrary to Section 433¬A Cr.P.C. Held,Manifestly remission not being a matter of right, much less upon completion of 14 years of custody, but subject to rules framed in that regard, including complete denial of the same in specified circumstances, as a matter of State policy, nothing prevents the State from imposing restrictions in the manner done by Rule 8(2)(i) to consider claims for remission. 2019 SCeJ 614

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