Doctrine  - falsus   in uno, falsus in omnibus - The  doctrine  of  falsus   in uno, falsus in omnibus, which means “false in one thing, false in everything” has been held to be inapplicable in the Indian scenario, where the tendency to exaggerate is common -  Words and phrases. (2018)2 SC eJournal 1390

Witness – Evidence - It is a well settled position of law that the testimony of a witness cannot be discarded in toto merely due to the presence of embellishments  or  exaggerations -  It is not uncommon for witnesses to make exaggerations during the course of evidence - But merely because there are certain exaggerations, improvements and embellishments, the entire prosecution story should not be doubted - Moreover, minor variations in the evidence will not affect the root of the matter, inasmuch as such minor variations need not be given major importance, inasmuch as they would not materially alter the evidence/credibility of the eye witnesses as a whole - Criminal Trial.  (Ranjit Singh v. State of Punjab(1974) 4 SCC 552).   (2018)2 SCeJournal 1390