Second FIR - Cr.P.C., Section 173(8) - There cannot be any dispute that a second FIR in respect of an offence or different offences committed in the course of the same transaction is not only impermissible but also violates Article 21 of the Constitution - Further investigation, as envisaged under Subsection 8 of Section 173 of the Cr.P.C, connotes investigation of the case in continuation of an earlier investigation with respect to which the chargesheet has already been filed - In case a fresh offence is committed during the course of the earlier investigation, which is distinct from the offence being investigated, such fresh offence cannot be investigated as part of the pending case, and should instead be investigated afresh - Criminal Trial  - IPC,  S. 302, 364 and 201. 2019 SCeJournal 471

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