• Criminal Trial - Suspicious circumstances - Instead of confronting with the forest officers, who were on patrolling duty in jeep, the accused  would have tried to conceal their presence either by hiding themselves or by running away -  The forest officers, including the driver of the jeep, were 10 in number and on the other hand, accused  were 4 -  Difficult to believe that the forest officers made no frantic efforts to nab the culprits when they allegedly assaulted them - The forest officers could have easily apprehended the culprits had they tried, as they outnumbered them  Same was not done and have been shown to have been nabbed form their homes after 8 days  Suspicious circumstances. (2016)3 SCEJ 202
  • Criminal Trial - Suspicious circumstances  - Informant party of forest officials , comprising of about 10 forest officials in a jeep, intercepted a bullock cart - It was alleged that  the accused herein were present on the said cart and transporting stolen teak wood log clandestinely and illegally, without a pass or permit - It was further alleged that an altercation ensued - When the injuries sustained by the deceased were more serious in nature than the     injuries sustained by other two forest officers, which were minor in nature, then the deceased should have been taken to hospital first or atleast along with other two injured forest officials, who were taken to hospital in the first instance  Suspicious circumstances. (2016)3 SCEJ 202

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