• Date of Birth - An entry in the school certificate is always recorded as an authentic proof for public appointments and if the plaintiff were to contend that the entry in the school leaving certificate could not be acted upon and then without taking action for modifying the entry in the school leaving certificate itself, the plaintiff could not have merely altered the date of birth to secure an extension of the period of service - Date of birth entered cannot be altered beyond a period of 3 years from the time when the plaintiff ought to have known the alleged correct date of birth.  (182) PLR
  • Date of Birth - Changes in - There is also a bar of limitation - Change in date of birth could not be made at any time through mandatory relief - If the petitioner was born in 1991, she had completed 18 years in 2009 - She had also received her CBSE certificate on 29.05.2007 - The correction must have been applied for within 3 years from the date of knowledge of the alleged wrong entry in 2007 or within 3 years from attaining majority i.e. before 2012.  (178) PLR 
  • Date of Birth - Correction of - CBSE Certificate - If the regulations admit of change of date of birth only in a particular manner, there cannot be a Court's direction which is against the regulation when the regulations are not under challenge - If a person through guardian gives information regarding the date of birth and that is carried in the books of the school for the whole length of the period of the schooling, it cannot be modified after the entry is brought in the CBSE record - The correction must have been done at the school before information was submitted by the school to the CBSE and not thereafter. (178) PLR 


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