• Delhi High Court Act, 1966 (26 of 1966) Section 10 - Petition filed under Contempt of Courts Act, 1971 (70 of 1971) - Interim orders passed - Interim injunction granted by the learned Single Judge while issuing notice in the contempt petition has been vacated by the impugned order - The ordinary original civil jurisdiction vested in the Delhi High Court under section 5(2) of the said Act is beyond a particular pecuniary limit and below the said limit, the same is vested in the subordinate court - The contempt jurisdiction is only vested in the High Court and is not subject to any pecuniary limitations - Clearly, the order has not been passed in exercise of ordinary original civil jurisdiction vested in this court by virtue of section 5(2) of the Delhi High Court Act and as such, no appeal would lie under section 10 of the said Act.  (178) PLR (Del.)

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