1. Dholi - Is a customary rent free grant (some times called a death bed grant), of a parcel of land, settled for religious purposes in favour of a temple, a mosque or other religious institution but may also be settled for a charitable purpose as has happened in the present case - Recipient of a Dholidari grant is required to discharge, in return, certain religious, social or charitable obligations - A Dholi may be temporary but subsists only so long as the "Dholidar" continues to perform his obligation. (180) PLR
  2. Dholi - Is always created in favour of Dholidar by the true owner in lieu of services rendered by the Dholidar - Once Dholidar or his successor stops performing the functions and duties of Dholidar in favour of true owner who created the Dholi, Dholi land would revert back to its true owner - Plaintiff did not plead anything in this regard as to who was the true owner, when Dholi was created, whether after the death of Dholidar, he or anybody out of his brothers was performing the functions and duties of Dholidar - Since all these necessary pleadings were conspicuously missing in the plaint particularly withholding the name of true owner, the suit of the plaintiffs was not maintainable - Dholidar is not competent to alienate the Dholi property. (175) PLR

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