1. Dholidar - Has no right to lease out the suit property. (176) PLR
  2. Dholidar - Is a person to whom rent free grant is given by the village community for benefit of temple, mosque and shrine or for rendering any requisite service. (182) PLR
  3. Dholidar - Since the Gram Panchayat which gave the land to the Dholidar for a specific common purpose, namely, to provide drinking water to the domestic animals/cattle and the Dholidar apparently failed to perform that duty and instead of utilising of the land for the given purpose, he is claimed to have leased out it to the petitioners, the relationship of Dholi between the Gram Panchayat and the Dholidar stood terminated - It lost its legal sanctity and was no longer subsisting in the eyes of law. (182) PLR
  4. Dholidari - Right could be inherited by the chela Gadi Nashin, i.e. the nominated chela of the Dholidar and, therefore, cannot devolve by will. The petitioners' claim of having inherited the property on the basis of a Will, was rightly rejected. (180) PLR 


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