1. District Red Cross Society - No such rules exist, by which employees of district level societies must be given specific pay scales determined by the apex society - Hence, the question of seeking any parity with Government employees, in any case, in perpetuity, just because the initial pay scale of the petitioner was the same as Government employees, does not arise at all.  (182) PLR
  2. District Red Cross Society - Simply because the Deputy Commissioner is the ex-officio President of each District Red Cross Society, that can also not bring the petitioner, by any stretch of imagination, within the definition of a Government employee.  (182) PLR
  3. District Red Cross Society - Simply because the petitioner was granted the same pay scales at any point of time, whether in Faridkot or in Moga, on par with Government employees, upon a resolution to that effect having been passed at that particular point of time, by the district society concerned, does not entitle the petitioner to seek parity of pay scales for all time, with employees of the Punjab government.  (182) PLR


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