• Easements Act, 1882 (5 of 1882) Section 33 - Existence of a courtyard and a stretch of an open space adjoining the three rooms ought to have a balancing effect for the inconvenience which the plaintiffs could have been put to by the construction coming from the aside - The injunction granted by the court below without adverting to the most crucial aspect of the necessity of proof of substantial damage has caused a wrong judgment to be entered by the court below which would require to be set aside- Plaintiffs had enjoyed a certain amount of light and air and where by construction the defendants put up, there could be a diminishing of such a right, any mechanical or electrical contrivance that they may have to provide themselves could be the measure of damages that the plaintiffs could still obtain - While setting aside the judgment of the court below award to the plaintiffs damages of Rs.15,000/- as payable by the defendants. (174) PLR 

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