• Electricity - Theft of - Old meter was removed carrying fake seals but it was not sent to the ME Lab - The petitioner has suffered on account of principle of natural justice and non-compliance of the circulars issued by the respondent department which regulate that when a meter is changed it should be sent in the presence of the petitioner or his representative to the ME Lab and further the checking should also be done in his presence - Notice imposing penalty - Quashed.  (175) PLR
  • Electricity - While the suit was still pending, the respondents, trying to take recourse to unfair means and to put pressure on the petitioner to vacate the premises, disconnected the electric supply, which is the basic amenity - It cannot be disputed that power supply is a basic amenity and especially in a medical store where many medicines are to be stored at very low temperature - It is not the case of the respondents that the petitioner has defaulted in payment of charges for lease or licence of the property - Once the petitioner is in possession of the property and running a medical store, disconnection of power supply by the respondents is totally unreasonable - They could do so only because the shop is situated in the hospital complex - If the petitioner had independent power connection from Power Supply Corporation, this problem would not have arisen - Respondents are directed to restore the power supply to the shop of petitioner. (179) PLR 


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