1. Electrocution - Council undertook to carry out the maintenance of street lights of  poles exclusively meant for street lighting system as per provisions of Indian Electricity Act and Rules, therefore, to indemnify the Punjab State Electricity Board (in short `the Board') in case of any accident occurring as a result of maintenance of street lighting system in the area of Municipal Council, Mohali - Undertaking does not absolve the Board from its liability to pay compensation to the plaintiffs - On the basis of this undertaking the Board has got a right to get indemnified against the council.  (178) PLR 
  2. Electrocution - Damages - Died due to electrocution while he was standing on the roof  - DDR was registered - Had gone to the roof to bring `tasla' and his head came in contact with electric wires running across the roof of the house - Factum of broken wire was not recorded in the DDR - There is no evidence to show that the notice was not served upon the deceased nor any malafide has come on record - Further, the deceased had been raising construction close to an electricity supply line of 11 KV - Amply prove the criminal and negligent act of the deceased. (181) PLR
  3. Electrocution - Deceased aged 9 years - Even if, the deceased was trying to release his kite from the electric wire with the iron rod, he was not aware that this act of his would ultimately take his life - It was a natural behaviour of a 9 years old boy to get his kite released from the wire with the help of an iron rod, therefore, he cannot be held to be  negligent - Appears to be plausible that the wire was hanging at a low level otherwise the boy of the age of 9 years could not have reached the electric wire even with a Saria. (183) PLR
  4. Electrocution - Deceased boy aged 9 years - Awarded Rs.2 lacs as compensation. (183) PLR
  5. Electrocution - Draft Formula, which is being applied for grant of compensation to a claim under the Motor Vehicle Act.  (183) PLR
  6. Electrocution - Petitioner have already availed of the benefit under a policy framed by Haryana State Agricultural Marketing Board - Only bread earner in the family lost his life having been electrocuted with a high-powered cable erected by the Nigam - No doubt, in the policy, under which financial aid is given by the Market Committees to the persons who suffer injuries in works relating to agriculture, it has been provided that they will not claim any compensation under motor accident claim cases or from any other department - However, provides that "Chairman of the Board and Chief Administrator are competent to give relaxation in these matters" - Meaning thereby, the rule is not absolute - Life of the bread earner in the family cannot be assessed at Rs.50,000/- - Such amounts are given only as a solace immediately after the death - However, if any such amount is given and the claimants are found entitled to get higher compensation from any other authority, the amount already awarded is adjustable. (182) PLR


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