1. Estoppel - No estoppel can operate against statute and, as afore-stated, the undertaking, if any, submitted by the petitioner contrary to the provisions of the framed thereunder, cannot work against the rights and liabilities accruing to the petitioner under the 1973 Act and the Haryana Municipal (Charging of Composition Fee for Regularisation of unauthorised Construction) Rules, 2003 - Haryana Municipal Act, 1973 (24 of 1973). (174) PLR
  2. Estoppel - The doctrine he is drawing under the transaction, between him and the appellant - It is trite that the doctrine of estoppel is steeped in the principles of equity and good conscience - Equity will not allow a person to say one thing at one time and the opposite of it another time - It would estop him from denying his previous assertion, act, conduct or representation to say something contrary to what was implied in the transaction under which he obtained the benefit of being let in possession of the property to be enjoyed by him as a  tenant - East Punjab Urban Rent Restriction Act, 1949 (III of 1949) S. 13-B - Evidence Act, 1872 (1 of 1872) S. 13-B. (S.C.)(176) PLR