• Expert evidence and Witness of Fact - Expert evidence needs to be given a closer scrutiny and requires a different approach while initiating proceedings under Section 340 of CrPC-  After all, it is an opinion given by an expert and a professional and that too especially when the expert himself has lodged a caveat regarding his inability to form a definite opinion without the required material - The duty of an expert is to furnish the court his opinion and the reasons for his opinion along with all the materials - It is for the court thereafter to see whether the basis of the opinion is correct and proper and then form its own conclusion - But, that is not the case in respect of a witness of facts - Facts are facts and they remain and have to remain as such forever - The witness of facts does not give his opinion on facts; but presents the facts as such - However, the expert gives an opinion on what he has tested or on what has been subjected to any process of scrutiny - The inference drawn thereafter is still an opinion based on his knowledge -  In case, subsequently, he comes across some authentic material which may suggest a different opinion, he must address the same, lest he should be branded as intellectually dishonest -  Objective approach and openness to truth actually form the basis of any expert opinion - CrPC Section 340 . (2016)3 PLRSC 41

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