• External Development Charges - Cancellation of permission granted to construct a shopping mall - Payment which had been made, namely, of the conversion charges or the licence fee or EDC have all to do with consideration for the actions on the part of the authorities - A fee is unlike a tax, quid pro quo to a service rendered - If the whole project did not start and it was on account of inaction on the part of the State to approve building plans which if done, could have enabled the petitioner to carry on with the construction, the whole amount of what was received by the respondent could not be retained - It is a case where the cancellation of permission has resulted by the State's own inertia and the petitioner is, therefore, entitled to the refund of the amount - Petitioner is not interested in obtaining the benefit of permission for construction - The remedy shall be to secure the refund of the amounts which have been paid with interest at 9% per annum.      (177) PLR 

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